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Lundmark Campers Inventory Listing:
Year Description Photo Price Sale Price
2005  32.5 FKSBG"LS" HHII-Call-
2005  34.5 QG RLR LS Hitchhiker II-Call-
2005  27 RLSS Sandpiper Travel Trailer-Call-
2005  8283SS Rockwood Fifth Wheel-Call-
2005  233 Rockwood Roo-Call-
2005  32.5 UKTG" LS"HHII-Call-
2005  30.5 RLBG"LS" HHII-Call-
2005  285 RLSS Ltd Wildwood fifth wheel-Call-
2005  34.5 RLTG-Call-
2005  8284SS Rockwood 5th wheel-Call-
2005  27BHSS Ltd Le Wildwood Travel Trialer-Call-
2005  37BHSS Ltd Le Wildwood Travel Trailer-Call-
2005  245 BHSS Ltd Wildwood fifth wheel-Call-
2005  4012B Ltd Wildwood-Call-
2004  25 RLSS Wildwood fifth wheel-Call$15,995.00
2004  used 28BHSS Wildwood Fifth Wheel-Call-
2004  25RLSS Sandpiper 5th wheel-Call-
2004  27RLSS Sandpiper 5th wheel-Call-
1996  30 RDUG HHII-Call-
1996  31'Alumalite Fifth Wheel-Call-
1992  29RLUG HHII 5th wheel-Call-

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